Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Schooling and the Novelty Factor


It's July, and we are still doing school around here.  This is where it starts to seem really unfair to my kids, even though they do realize that all the kids in school didn't take the other breaks we took during the year.  None of that is emotionally satisfying, however, when other kids are talking about summer break and mine are still "in school".

So, it's good to make summer school a bit more fun and whimsical.  We've made time to go to all the wonderful (free!) summer community events: "The Reptile Man" brought reptiles for a show and tell in the park, the Master Gardeners did a free gardening class for kids, and the library had a comedian/storyteller in for a show.  But then how can I make it fun when we are just home doing math and the like?


Yesterday I had school time be a sushi picnic in our backyard.  It was unexpected and fun for the kids (but it was fun because of novelty, so I won't be able to repeat this anytime soon.)

Is there a "pedagogy of picnics"?  I don't think so.  But I think there is a real value to adding fun and whimsy, to catching the attention again by doing something in a different way, and to varying the routine up every now and then.


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