Friday, July 19, 2013

ack! how did it get so dirty in here? Kids - get the vacuum!


OK - I am overwhelmed.  I'm working major overtime, my husband has had to leave unexpectedly for a family emergency, and there are too many domestic responsibilities on my shoulders.

Good thing I have kids.


No, I'm being serious.  Sure, they are their own bundle of needs and responsibilities.  My life might be easier and more recreational if I hadn't had them.

But they are getting to the age of being helpful.  They can actually do chores.  They notice when I'm sad or upset and they try to do nice things for me.  They can be fun to hang out with.  They remind me to have fun.

We'll get through this.  Like my mother used to say to me: "many hands make light labor", and "you just do what you have to do".  Also, "family means helping".  Indeed it does.

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  1. I have recently realized how helpful "child labor" is, too! :-)