Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Summer Bucket List


On Monday we got a chance to do one of the things on our Summer Bucket List, when we went to the Seattle Museum of Flight.   This year I'm determined to actually follow through on the Fun stuff on the List, and not let it slide to the bottom of the priority list like I did last year.

What else do the kids want to do this summer?

1.  A local wildlife park
2.  A local amusement park
3.  A Dance Party
4.  Star Gazing
5.  Cloud Gazing
6.  Hiking
7.  Camping
8.  Explore new Parks
9.  Take the Train to Portland
10.  Visit the fun little town of Port Townsend
11.  The Science Museum

We will have fun this summer!  It slips past so fast, but it's worth making the time to really enjoy it.

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