Monday, July 8, 2013

A Walk Around My Home Today


In my kitchen right now, it's cherry pitting time.  My cherry tree has been pretty productive this year.  Keeping up with picking and pitting doesn't leave me any time to cook them, so I'm just freezing them for now.


The right tools really do help.


For frugal reasons, I resisted the urge to buy any hanging baskets this year, and instead took the old ones and replanted them with nasturtium seeds (left over from last year, no less).  It's finally actually looking nice.


There's just something I like about red geraniums in my window boxes.  This box may not last the season out, however - time for some TLC to that wood!


The south side of the house was planted with some nice roses, and that is where we put my hot tub when we moved in.  They are lovely to look at from the tub!



The turkeys are getting big.


The pea plants are past their prime for the year, so I wish I had taken a photo of this a couple weeks ago, but this was our funniest garden set up this year: an old tub we found out in the back field, an old bicycle wheel also from the back field, then my husband was given some old metal fencing and took it apart and rebuilt it into a trellis.  Reuse!


My experiments with straw bale gardening are seeing some small success, after a truly awful start (slugs, death, blech).


 I might actually get tomatoes this year, if the warm weather holds up.


And it shows signs of being another good year for our apple harvest.