Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There's a bit more breathing room ....


The calendar is finally opening up, with a bit more room to breathe.  Sure, we still have baseball season now, and a Youth Bridging service to plan, but the Religious Education program at church is about to switch to the much easier summer program, my UU History class wrapped up, I've delivered my sermon, and we'll soon be finishing up our PE and martial arts classes and then taking a break for the summer.

I'm hoping for (and needing) a bit of rest this summer, but I know that summer gets busy fast.  I need to start laying out a summer calendar now, and then penciling out days and just writing "Chill Out" on them!


  1. I have to plan camping trips this year. Otherwise weeks just slip by.

  2. Yay for breathing room - especially for DREs! I hope you have a relaxing summer!