Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Circle Time at Home


A few weeks ago when we were discussing at Family Meeting whether or not to enroll in the school district's homeschool resource center (which would require that the kids do a few classes on site) Hypatia asked if school would be "circle time: will they read stories to us, and sing songs, and play games?"

Ah, Circle Time.  I love that part of preschool, and she did too.  But, unfortunately, school stops being about circle time.

We do a bit of "circle time" in our homeschool, although it's a very small circle. :)  Today we did Circle Time for our Spanish lesson.  With a pile of play food in the middle, we played several games to work on our vocabulary.  The kids were laughing and rolling around and being silly, and it was lovely.  Maybe we even learned a bit more Spanish.

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