Friday, May 25, 2012

Flower Communion


This coming Sunday my church will be doing the Flower Communion, a peculiarly unique ritual in the Unitarian Universalist tradition.

We are all invited to bring flowers - from home or store-bought - and then everyone comes forward and places the flowers in several large vases.  It is always lovely how the variety of flowers make unique bouquets.  Then the minister says something meaningful, then the congregation says the blessing of the flowers.  And then we all come forward again, to receive a flower - a different flower than the one we brought.

Some people forget to bring flowers.  Others bring extras.  A few times we've had to split a flower (one with multiple blooms on one stem) and hand out the tiny bits.  But it always works out.  It is my favorite ritual, and it's always a blessing to me when I get to be at the table handing out flowers, looking each congregant in the face and making that connection as we share this ritual of community.

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