Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer Religious Education


Summer time is our "throw away" session.  Traditionally, the church has low attendance throughout the summer, and the main goal of the summer program has been to just do something easy with whatever kids do show up.

However, this year there have been folks really looking forward to the summer program, based on our positive experience with a summer reading program last year.  The concept is to have guest reader volunteers come in each Sunday and read a picture book of their choice to the kids, and then the kids all have a chance to share about what they have read that week, possibly get prizes for their reading, and then spend whatever time is left exploring books and art supplies in the classroom.

This year I'm going to make a giant poster of the 7 Principles and 6 Sources and have the kids decide where the book they read might belong.

We're looking forward to our summer reading through the UU Principles!

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