Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Reading Life



Another week in our life with too many books! We once again maxed out our library cards and were counting how many books we returned so we would know how many we could check out. I don't know if the librarians love us or find us irritating ....

We read:

Over and Under the Snow which is a lovely depiction of a father and son cross country skiing across the snow, and meanwhile all the animals are living in their hidden world under the snow. The illustrations of over and under are very nice.

The Monster Returns, which didn't make any sense to us (we didn't read the first book, so picking up the sequel may be part of our confusion), but we still enjoyed the illustrations a great deal and they inspired a fit of drawing monsters around here.

The Loud Book was one Carbon chose to read out loud to us, and of course he did it at a full scream.

Auction! is about a young child at an auction, and their desire to get an old straw hat - but they only have one dollar. Can they outbid their crazy aunt and her main auction rival?

The Irish Cinderlad was another of the books we picked up for St. Patrick's Day. It's a strange retelling of the Cinderella story, but with many added elements like giants and dragons. I'm not sure I liked it, and I'm not sure the kids liked it either. Meh.

The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl is great fun. An enormous crocodile wants to eat a child, so he pretends to be things children would want to climb on - a tree, a teeter totter, a bench ...

Mr. Prickles: A Quill-Fated Love Story is a love story about two porcupines. How do porcupines hug? Very carefully, and very often.

Circus Day in Japan has charming retro-style illustrations and text in both English and Japanese. Of course we couldn't read a lick of the Japanese, but it was cool to see it.

The Junkyard Wonders is based on the author's real life experiences in a special ed classroom with the teacher who inspired and believed in them all. It's a sad book, but inspiring also.

Miss Rumphius does three things with her life: see far away things, get a little house by the shore, and make the world more beautiful. This is a beautiful book.

There have also been lots of dinosaur books consumed this week. Here, I'm so glad that Carbon can finally do more independent reading, so I don't have to read Dino Wars to him.

And I was disappointed that I couldn't interest him in reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Because he saw the movie first, he was convinced he wouldn't like the book. Darn movies!

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