Thursday, March 1, 2012

I want to put the "home" back in homeschool

I'm feeling pulled in too many directions, to go to too many events, too many groups, too many classes. Really - the world is this amazing buffet of fabulous opportunities to do tons of awesome stuff. How lucky are we, to live in a community with so much going on. And this is a problem of the privileged, I know. I can sign my kids up for anything they want to do, and I can drive them long distances to do it.

But when are we ever home? When is it just time to Be, instead of Do? How much do we really need to socialize and be with others, and how much time do we need to be ourselves? I'm currently juggling (not counting work and church):

Homeschool PE at the YMCA twice a week
Martial Arts twice a week
Chess Club
Science Class
Play Group
Theater Class

I had been thinking about adding in Spanish class and Children's Choir.

And then there are all the one-time events, workshops, parties, play dates, field trips, etc.

Sure, it's cool to go do this:


But I think we also need plenty of time to do this:



We need to simplify. I really want to have more Home time, for them, and for me.

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