Monday, March 5, 2012

I like being a "home" body

In the four years that I've been working as a Director of Religious Education for my church, I have gone from being an introverted homebody who literally didn't leave the house all week long and frequently just slumped about in sweat suits while juggling six children in the house, to a person who is increasingly comfortable with public speaking and chit-chat in a room full of people I don't know. I've traded in those sweat suits for a wardrobe of nicer clothing and the need to look "put together". Instead of juggling six children in my home, I'm juggling 75 kids and 200 adults in the church each Sunday.

I enjoy most of those changes. As I have settled into my thirties and my career I feel more comfortable with myself, more sure of who I am, and more connected to the community around me.

But I'm finding I also miss that homebody time. I'm still an introvert, even if I spend all my time shmoozing with people now. So I am going to try, really really hard, to stay home two days a week as much as I can. Working weekends means I don't have that time at home. So I have to take some other days, and make them my home days. I'm clearing some kid activities off our schedule, staying home instead, and focusing on home and garden and homeschooling and study and reading - still lots to do, but it's At Home.

I hope to find time to do the assignment from Simple Mom's Project Simplify this week.

I planted a row of spinach seed today and dug out a huge nasty black berry from where I want a row of my garden.

I had a friend over for a casual tea and lunch and supportive chat.

And the kids and I have done all our homeschool/grad school work for the day in a pretty chill way without rushing or watching the clock.

This balance is what I want. Five days a week are enough for Go Go Go, don't you think? Two at home shouldn't be too much to make happen.

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  1. I am a home-body, too. I find if I don't have a certain amount of time at home, I start to feel off-balance and unsettled. Good Luck with your two days!