Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chore time


I've been so discombobulated for the last month, with my trip to Romania, then moving to the new house. Now, I'm trying to add back in one item of routine a week - that's about the pace I think I can handle. Last week was homeschooling, this week is chores. We've been here long enough to make this place plenty dirty, but we've got all sorts of new spaces to learn how to clean.

I don't have enough of a grasp of the space and our life in it to make a schedule for chores yet. That may come later. For now, we'll just have Chore Time every morning, and I will direct the kids (and myself) to do a chore - whatever seems most pressing. At least in this way we might keep up with the dirt and the clutter. And soon I hope patterns will emerge and we will get into a better chore routine.

Kids can help - they can vacuum, sweep, wipe down bathroom counters and sinks, wash windows, and do "white tornados" where we move about the house putting things away and clearing clutter.

Next week I'll add something else back in, and soon I hope to be all put back together again.

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