Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A vicious cycle

I hesitate to write about this, because I know many people in my real life read this blog. Really, everyone and everything in my life are wonderful, but still I manage to make life hard on myself.

There's a vicious cycle that I get into:

1. I feel incredibly blessed (and a bit guilty about that), and I proceed to over-promise to others (my time, my money, etc). I say Yes too much, and even if no one else asks for something, I think of more stuff for myself to do!

2. It's too much, and I start to feel really anxious. I'm anxious and and I get hyper trying to get it all done and stretch it all out. I start to feel less-than-blessed and start to resent it all.

3. I exhaust myself with all that anxiety and hyperactivity and resentment. I get depressed and find it more and more difficult to just meet my basic commitments.

4. After a suitable time of crying and hiding under blankets and being a pain-in-the-behind for my family at home, I decide it's time to pull myself up by my bootstraps.

5. I start kicking my own ass to do more yoga, make a gratitude list, reorganize the cupboards or the To Do list - whatever it takes to increase my energy level and productivity and happiness.

6. Having successfully "faked it till I make it", I then feel incredibly blessed.

7. The cycle repeats.

Perhaps it's not the worst cycle in the world to be stuck in. But having reflected on this pattern and my habits, is there some way to avoid the down part of it all? Is there a way to stay in balance, in equilibrium, instead of yo-yoing back and forth?

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