Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reflecting on the month

feb calendar

Yet another month has gone by already. February actually felt like a big tease: the weather was great, then winter came roaring back; we seemed to have figured out chores, then it all sort of fell apart; we had a whole weekend without the kids, but have actually had one injury or illness after another and couldn't have much fun this month.

I also "hit the wall" on my resolution to embrace "Less". I found that I just don't want to give up much. I Want to have the full-time job, and pour my very soul into that. I also Want to be a very hands-on and active Mother. I also Want to have a clean and neat and organized and green home. I also Want to be fit and attractive and healthy and have a great social life and a great relationship with my husband and read great books and think big thoughts and try to reduce my carbon footprint and be active for social justice and causes that I believe in and grow my own food and volunteer for those less-fortunate and , and , and ....

Basically, I want to Do it All, Have it All, and Be it All. And that self-imposed pressure can sometimes lead to an emotional breakdown, but I still haven't figured out how to take the pressure off.

So, onto March. Goals: Less Pressure on Myself, Restart the family chore-chart, start working out one day a week with my husband, go Car-Free one day a week, and start the garden.

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  1. I truly know the feeling. Wish I had some wise advice for you, but I haven't figured it out, either!