Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ninja, Cowboy, Bear


In the game "rock, paper, scissors" all the options are basically equal. Sure, rock beats scissors. But scissors beats paper, and then paper goes on and beats rock.

This cute picture book is a version of that game, but with three friends: a ninja, a cowboy, and a bear. One day the ninja and the bear start to argue about who is best, and the cowboy devises a cute competition to see who wins ... and around it goes.

Both of the kids LOVED this book. Hypatia chose it for bedtime story three times, and Carbon chose it for his reading practice, and proceeded to struggle through reading it despite it being much more difficult than any of the books he's been reading. Then he chose it for a bedtime story one night, rather than the chapter book we'd been reading.

The end of the book has a cute game of "Ninja, Cowboy, Bear" that you can play, and we've done plenty of that as well.

A cute and fun book!

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