Thursday, February 17, 2011



I have been inspired a great deal by this book, and the clarion call the author makes for a lifestyle that supports the Earth Charter, personal authenticity, and a life-enriching economy (versus the extractive and exploitative economy). It struck a discordant note with my goal of doing "Less" in 2011, but on the other hand it brought up a new question for me: what if I declared my independence from corporations? Could I even live without supporting corporate power in some way? How can I meet my family's needs in life-sustaining ways? I have more to say about this book, but for now here is one quote:

A true home is inhabited by souls who live, breathe, eat, think, create, play, get sick, heal, and get dirty. It will wither in an antiseptic condition. A true home pulses with non-human life - vegetable patches, yeast, backyard hens, blueberry bushes, culturing yogurt, fermenting wine, brewing beer, milk goats, cats, dogs, houseplants, kids' science projects, pet snakes and strawberry patches. A living system cannot respect the hours on the clock and requires the involvement of all inhabitants in order to thrive.

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  1. Read this book. There were moments of "Yes!" and then there were "Nehs". I'll have to go back and revisit it.