Saturday, February 19, 2011

Here comes the Spring



We had a truly beautiful day today, a perfect day to work in the garden. Unfortunately, I have hurt my shoulder and I can't do much. Fortunately, my dear husband stepped up and helped out today. He mucked out the chicken yard, stirred all that old nasty straw into my compost bins, and spread fresh straw. He also constructed a small fence to stop the dog from eating all the raspberries. I've been trying to start a berry patch section of the yard, and the dog keeps destroying it. Now there is a little fence, not totally dog proof if she is determined to be bad but enough to give her pause. And then he planted the new raspberries and blueberries I bought at the nursery this week.

Thanks honey!


  1. Do you really how flowers already?

  2. Yes, I really do. But so far just these crocuses and some snowdrops. The balmy pacific northwest.

  3. It's time for me to move south! We won't see green here in AK until late April/early May.