Friday, May 3, 2013

One-on-one lesson time


We had a great day in our homeschool on Monday.  Hypatia had asked to have "time like with a governess or a tutor", so we had scheduled our block schedule day to have one hour of "Hypatia Lesson Time" (while her brother got an hour of free time) and then one hour of "Carbon Lesson Time" (while his sister had that hour of free time).

I did nothing else for those two hours but focus on one child at a time.  We got a lot done, but the main benefit was that they loved having my attention to themselves.

We did some history work, and I also helped each of them work up a learning plan for what they wanted to do next.  Then I made a supply list for each of them so I can gather up the supplies they need for their plans.


Both kids wanted to focus on Animals for their "Self-Choice" study.  ("Self-Choice" is a category we use for them to pick a unit study that doesn't have to fit into the boxes of traditional school subjects - it can be anything and it can cross over multiple subject areas.)  I challenged them each to come up with a project they would work on, and Hypatia chose to make an "Animal Fact Book" and Carbon decided to make a "Nature Documentary".

Then, because it was our Block Schedule day, they had Project Time and Outdoor Time to immediately follow through on the plan.


Carbon gathered up the most realistic animal toys they own, then researched those animals and wrote scripts for his Narrator to say.  They took the video camera and went out and shot their scenes, and then I helped them edit it together.

It was a great learning day. :)

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