Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Stubborn Learner


This girl of mine is hard to teach sometimes!  She is a very stubborn child, and will hold to her own notions despite exhortations or demonstrations - she might accept the new idea later but in the moment she will not back down.

Math is like this.  She'll have the wrong answer, but nothing on earth will move her to accept it.

Science is like this.  She'll make her prediction for the science experiment, then it won't go that way, and she'll say "you must have done something wrong", not "oh - I had a wrong idea".

Spelling - invented.

Reading - pretend and invented as well.

Art - no following directions for this girl.

It's a fine quality to be strong-willed.  It will probably stand her in good stead in some way in her life.

But, oy vey!  Pity her poor mother. :)

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  1. I have two stubborn daughters...one even more so when it comes to learning than the other! I've always said, too, that it's a fine quality to be strong-willed, but it has to be directed properly :) It is a tough job to be the mom of a stubborn child!!