Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cooking Days


I've just been over to a friend's house, to do a load of cooking together and then each tuck all that goodness away into our freezers.  This is our second month of doing this (we're taking turns on whose kitchen gets clobbered and who gets left with all those dirty dishes), and I am a huge fan of how it's working out.

With a bit of proactive work (planning, shopping, setting a time, spending a morning in the kitchen), I get a benefit of healthy, affordable meals in the freezer, ready for the days when I want them.  By cooking with a friend, the chore becomes a time to visit and is almost fun or recreational, so the time investment really isn't that big a deal.

We're even managing to balance some different dietary needs: my friend's family is vegetarian and she currently can't eat dairy, and my family is gluten free!  But it's working so far. :)

I plan to buy some larger pots, so next month will be even easier!

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