Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Magic Treehouse Book Club


Our local homeschool group just started a fun activity: a Magic Treehouse Book Club.  Although her reading level isn't up for it on her own, the books are just right for Hypatia's comprehension level.  At our first meeting, the kids all read the first book, Dinosaurs Before Dark, and did some extension activities for it.  They also were invited to read another book of their choice and bring in a Bag Book Report.  Hypatia chose Mummies in the Morning.


A bag book report is a sort of Show and Tell about a book.  She decorated the bag.


And then she selected items to put in the bag that went with the book.  I admit I helped her pick stuff out.

The bookclub meeting itself disappointed her - I'm not sure what she was expecting but there were too many reading and writing activities for her taste.  Despite that, I'm happy to keep bringing her back to this.  The practice giving little oral reports to other kids will be good for her.

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