Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Unit-Study for the Girl


This study is being done by both kids, but I pointed us in this direction primarily because I knew Hypatia would enjoy it.  She brought home an audio CD of As You Like It retold for children from the library, and was delighted with it.

I know that if we study Shakespeare now, it will only be at a very superficial level.  We'll still want to come back and do it again, and then maybe again, before the kids are all done with High School (still so many years away that I can comfortably think - plenty of time).

But this will be the beginning.

We read Shakespeare's Theater together, and then the kids worked together to make a cardboard puppet theater.



There has been a fair bit of imaginative story telling with dolls and the theater backdrop.  There are plenty of picture book retellings of Shakespeare stories.  I plan to make sock puppets of some of the most famous Shakespeare characters.  And then there are the more kid-friendly movie versions.  A nice little mini-study - and I was right, Hypatia loves it so far.

There is not really a logical sequence to our studies, unless you were here to see it - the logical sequence is that I'm following my kids' interests.  

They don't always know what to ask for, and that's why it's my job to observe and then think of the next thing to bring to their attention.  I "make" them give it a good go, but if they really don't enjoy it, we won't push it too far.  I'm walking a line, balanced between fully child-led/project-based homeschooling and parent-led/curriculum-based homeschooling.

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  1. This is great! Sounds like fun for all. I picked up "Shakespeare Can Be Fun! A Midsummer Night's Dream" but have not delved into it yet. Shakespeare intimidates me, but I will check out the books you mention. Thanks!