Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 26 of Gratitude: the life of the mind


This month of gratitude thing has actually been challenging to me - and possibly boring to my one or two readers - as it has started to feel like I'm bragging/repeating myself/not saying anything interesting.

But I'll finish it out, anyway.  Today, I pause to tell the world how grateful I am for the life of the mind.  My maternal grandparents were life-long learners, and modeled an engaging and inspiring life of the mind.  They subscribed to interesting magazines, read difficult books, took educational trips, and patronized and played classical music.

I knew I wanted to be like that.  I watched my mother also pursue her own life of the mind, and I am happy to think it's something I'm passing on to the next generation.

There is always something more to learn, and for that I am grateful.  Life will never get boring as long as I'm still able to engage with it in this way.

(For the record, and for full-disclosure, Carbon does not make a habit of reading Scientific American.  I had told him about an article I thought he would find interesting, and he was just trying to read that article.  In the end, I read it out loud to him.)

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