Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunbathing Chicks

hmmm, I wonder how many people will come to this blog post by googling "sunbathing chicks" and then be disappointed?


Our chicks have graduated from a big plastic tub with a heat lamp over it in our garage to Grass!  Bugs!  Wind!  Sun!  Watching them explore and love this new environment was our big entertainment yesterday.  They knew they wanted the worms and the bugs, but they couldn't quite figure out how to deal with them, with comical and interesting results.


And they seem to love the sun.  They had shade too - we were sure to maintain shade over them all day - but they sought out the sliver of bright sun and would lie down on their side and stretch their wings open to catch maximum rays.


In fact, until we realized they were choosing to do this and were fine, we were really worried.  Doesn't this look like they just keeled over and died?  And, btw, these are the naked neck chicks, so they are supposed to look like that. :)

I have never seen this particular behavior before in any of my chickens.  But this whole group does it!

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