Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Preserves


I've made my first preserves of the year.  Normally, we get strawberries and rhubarb coming into the local farmer's market at the same time, and so I have made many batches of strawberry rhubarb jam and/or syrup in the past few years.  This year has been different, with weird weather, and the rhubarb came out much earlier than the strawberries, but instead the apriums were available with the berries.

And what a great combination they are!  I am in love with this flavor combo.  I used the recipe found here, but had to add pectin to make it set up to jam.

I tasked Carbon with cutting the garlic scapes from the garden, and he wanted to cook them - so I let him sautee them in olive oil and a bit of soy sauce.  Everyone liked how they turned out and we had a nice little morning snack from them.

Other summer kitchen adventures have included the inspiration of this recipe for yogurt popsicles.  I haven't tried that recipe yet, but instead tried the experiment of just freezing some blueberry kefir in our molds.  That turned out a bit too intense for my kids to enjoy (they don't like kefir, so it's not a big surprise).  I want to try the yogurt kind next.

Next up: I need to pick the pie cherries that are ripe on my cherry tree.

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