Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chicken Coops

Today, I built a chicken tractor.  The idea of a tractor is to be able to move the chickens around, to get them to work on different parts of the garden and to give them fresh ground to scratch.  Although we have chickens in a big yard with a large coop, we have new chicks and one chicken that has been violently rejected from the rest of the flock (chickens are so mean), so this seemed like a good second home for some of them.

Carbon helped me on all steps of this project (very educational for him - I think this counted as a Wood Shop project, for sure).  I didn't really have a plan, just sort of improved as I went, but I did base it off the MiniCoop from Mother Earth News.





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  1. Great design! Nice job - definitely a Wood Shop project :)