Monday, September 27, 2010

On miracles

A miracle is not defined by an event. A miracle is defined by gratitude.

A string of coincidences stretching far back in human history converge to place a young woman in a parking lot at the very moment when a murderer happens by. A similar string of circumstances place a premature infant named Michael in a high-tech teaching hospital where a gifted doctor works to save him. Why? Why not?

Anything could happen, but only one thing will. If it is what we desire, what we long for so badly we feel it burning in our bones, if by chance this is given, we will fall on our grateful knees, praise God, and call it a miracle. And we will not be wrong.

Kate Braestrup, in the book Here If You Need Me

This, and many other passages, have really stuck in my mind. More about this wonderful book that I love, love, love, in a later post.

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  1. That book is so amazing. I read it with tears just pouring down my cheeks, and then I wanted to give it to everyone I know. I look forward to your later post with more comments!