Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Interview about his Sudbury School


What do you like best about going to a Sudbury school?
There is lots of playtime, and you have a lot more freedom.

Do you just play all day long?
No. Sometimes I have to go to School Meeting or to Judicial Committee, and sometimes I play the piano when I bring my piano book, and stuff like that.

What do you do in Judicial Committee?
Well, sometimes I'm serving (on the committee) and we vote on sentences for people for breaking rules. And sometimes I have to sit there because I was written up (for breaking a rule) so I give my side of the story and they give their side of the story and then I plead guilty or not guilty and then if I plead Not Guilty then we have a trial.

What do you think you learn?
I learn respect and things like that.

What is the coolest thing you've ever done at school?
Well, I've gone on field trips, and they have science kits at school too.

What's the worst thing about going to a Sudbury school?
Pretty much the worst thing is, like, you have to go into school meeting and be there for awhile and you can't choose No or Yes about going to the meeting.

Do you think you're learning useful things for when you grow up? What things?
Yes - respect and things like that. Sharing, for another thing. Those are the main things, and I can't think of what else! (Getting frustrated with this interview).

Do you think it's fun? Explain.
Yes, because there are computers provided, and my friends are there, and they won't stop coming there until they're too old, probably.

Would you rather be homeschooled, or go to a regular school, or to a Sudbury school? Why?
Sudbury school, because Sudbury schools are really nice I think. Because they're fun.

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad he loves it there! I had never heard of Sudbury schools until I read about them on your blog. They sound amazing!