Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Interview with a Preschooler


How do you like going to preschool?
Good. (and then she tries to push buttons on my keyboard - "I'll push for you")

What kinds of things do you do at preschool?
Play, go to circle, go into the museum, have snack.

What have you learned at preschool?
A lot. We painted. We went to the museum. We had circle. We had snack. We goed (sic) to the museum. And we had paint time.

Do you sign your own name? Did you learn that there?
Yeah, on my first day. Are you typing out First Day? First day is a very long thing. Can I type now?

What's your favorite thing at preschool?
I like playing with the kitten cat. It's not alive, it's stuffed. At least Samantha is back from her vacation.

Who is Samantha?
A person from my class. Maddie has a best friend. And they sort of never play with me. But sometimes they play with me.

What is the worst thing about preschool? Why?
Circle. Because I can't do anything. Wibbly, wobbly, Woo - an elephant sat on you - squish! That part is fun. The wormy dance is fun. Mr. Scotty reads us books.

Circle doesn't really sound so bad.
Well, some of it is. Because I never can pick a card, unless it's my job, and that part I don't like.

OK, you can type.
dfytu,yhuvy rfgjyhughfy gjrrghfbvffygydycjhjv mmmmmmmhvikfgyihifurlwhffkkbviiiiihslrilvbksggscyfggfbdhjbbbhbhvfukcjhfukmgggggglijx

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