Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lessons Learned in April

Lessons Learned in April

Each month I'm taking some time to reflect back on the last month and what I learned from it.  This month I:

  • Realized that my efforts to accept myself and be OK just Being Me were no match for my Anxious Self.  Anxiety before my big road trip and before my big credentialing interview was almost more than I (or my nearest and dearest) could deal with.
  • BUT ... I also learned that I could survive the anxiety and that all was well in the end.
  • Found myself newly re-inspired to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle, and to take a moral stance on climate change.
  • Took on a big adventure with the kids and found it not only survivable but actually fun.  I think more travel adventures are in our future now.
  • Also learned tons of facts about America in the course of our trip - too much to list it all here.
It was a good month!

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