Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back to Homeschooling while Working

I have just had a three month sabbatical from work, and during that time my other job - as a homeschooling mom - swelled and took over all the "extra" time I had free from work.  Now this week I'm back to work, and we are all adapting once again.

This means a weekly rhythm that puts more of the work I need to supervise onto my day off - which is conveniently Monday.  We start off the week with the introduction to new concepts, the discussions of ideas, and the planning of projects.

Then I have two days a week that I do office hours at work.  The kids have lighter and more independent work on those days.

In the middle of the week I have a "work from home" day.  This day is a mix - I'm paying more attention to what they are doing but I can't dedicate long hours to direct instruction, either.  So they do more of their work on this day, but it's still mostly independent work.

Then we are finishing off the week with a "Fun Friday".  I don't do office hours on Fridays, but I might have some prep work and errands to do for work.  That dovetails pretty well with field trips, so we are doing hikes, nature study, and field trips on Fridays, and then Fine Arts and "Project Time" as our only at-home assignments.

It's a balancing act - wish me luck!

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