Friday, May 2, 2014

History Lessons


A huge part of this trip has been taken up with history.  We were studying the Revolutionary War before this trip, so it has been perfect to head East and see where it really happened.

Minuteman National Historical Park has a fabulous visitor center and really the best movie/multimedia presentation I've seen so far in a history museum.  This is where the first battle of the war happened.

Bunker Hill National Monument marks the first big battle - which the Americans lost.


The museum here is small, but you can climb the monument all the way to the top.


Boston's Freedom Trail takes you on a walking tour of history and where it all began.


Here's the steeple where they hung the two lanterns: "one if by land, two if by sea"


Which was the signal to tell Paul Revere what word to spread on his midnight ride.


They stood on this balcony to read the Declaration of Independence out loud to Boston.


And then, back in New York, we saw the "turning point" of the Revolutionary War at Saratoga.  It also has a nice visitor center, and the battle field is nicely preserved with an interpretive drive.


This has been a really wonderful way to bring this history to life for the kids!

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