Friday, March 7, 2014

The Lego Movie and Creative Non-Scripted Play


We got to see The Lego Movie, and wow - it's Awesome.  It is not just another cheesy Clutch Powers, but is instead a truly creative and fun movie with something for all ages to enjoy.  My husband and I especially appreciated the loving nod to the old 80's Legos sets, the ones we had when we were kids.

And The Lego Movie is anti-consumerist!  The bad guy is "President Business", who hates the messiness of everyone doing whatever they like and being whatever they like and changing things, and finds the solution to all that change in crazy glue, which he plans to use to freeze all of the Lego Universe into pleasing formations that will never change again!

The heroes are a rag tag bunch and one out-of-place "nobody special" generic construction worker mini-fig.  Creative building from whatever is on hand, rather than obtaining some new cool set, is what is held up by the movie.

It's perfect for all the kids who have big buckets of mixed up Legos to play with, with no script to guide how those pieces "have" to be used.

Of course, they still came out with new movie themed sets that are on the store shelves now.  My kids saw those and thought they were weird.  "That's against the whole point of the movie!" my son said.

I love it.

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