Friday, March 28, 2014

A schedule/organization that is working in our homeschool (for now!)


Since I've been on sabbatical from my work, our homeschooling has had enough time to mushroom until it is now taking up most of my day.  Obviously this cannot be sustained once I go back to work (office hours, meetings, etc!), but I think we have been laying some good groundwork for building better habits:

1.  Assignment sheets, adjusted weekly as necessary, and the habit of looking to their sheet to see what they will do, and highlighting it when they are done.

2.  Weekly supply lists for me.  I can't tell you how many times we have sat down to do a science experiment and then had to stop when I realized I needed grape juice or something that I didn't have.

3.  Piles.  When I set out the books the night before in piles (one for each child and one that is the stuff they do together), there is no time wasted trying to find the math book the next morning.


4.  Themed Days of the Week.  Mathematical Monday, Traveling Tuesday, Wild Card Wednesday, Thrifty Thursday, and Fine Arts Friday - something fun and different each day of the week, and realizing that we can't do Everything Everyday - there is Just Too Much To Learn!  We go crazy and never have time to engage with anything In Depth.

These things are working well for us, right now, and I hope they will be helpful as we move forward into new routines and schedules.

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