Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Garlic Harvest

I have a ridiculous level of gardening insecurity.  Since we bought this place, I've been largely unsuccessful at growing edibles, which was kind of the whole point of buying the place at all.  A fantasy of being a hobby farmer/suburban homesteader is one thing, but the harsh reality is something else entirely.  Not enough time, not enough built-in infrastructure, don't own the expensive tools that would make it easier, don't know the soil here, don't know the drainage here, making mistakes, etc.  Sure, I'm learning, but geez - I wish it just was more impressive.

But, look, something worked out OK this year: garlic!


The end result of our work back in November.


I didn't have time to make pretty braids.  But I've got plenty of garlic hanging in my kitchen.


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