Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Field Trips vs. Vacations


(Chaco Canyon, New Mexico)

Field trips are a staple of our educational system.  The chance to go see something for real, rather than just read about it or see it on a screen, gives the topic relevance, scale, and an experiential quality that is necessary for most (if not all) learners.


(Arches National Park, Utah)

A family vacation just makes it possible for us to do field trips that are farther away!  Trips and traveling are of great educational value, and the only downside is the difficulty I have in figuring out how many hours to log as "school" hours.

What I've settled on is only logging the time that I can imagine a school field trip group doing, and not counting time spent: eating at local restaurants, driving, swimming, or relaxing.  That is the vacation time!

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