Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Reading Life


It's been awhile since I've written one of my odes to the habit of reading a whole big stack of books all at once, so this pile is actually from awhile back.

Very Fond of Food - I love this title, and couldn't pass up the book.  It's beautiful, and shows a true love of food and the act of getting as close to its production as possible.  Unfortunately, other library users also found it interesting and so I had to return it to the library before I had a chance to actually cook one of the recipes.

The Kitchen Linens Book is by the author of The Apron Book, and it is an ode to the "fabrics of our lives" - the linens we actually use in everyday living, and which can be beautiful and functional.  As a lover of embroidered towels and fabric napkins, I appreciated this lovely little book.

Rilke on Love and Other Difficulties was my answer to my Ho Hum experience with Goethe.  I like this much better. :)

Flashforward is a science fiction novel, based around the idea of "what if we could see the future/is destiny fixed?".  There was a TV show based off it, and I just recently spent a couple sick days watching it, so I was interested in the novel.  They are NOT the same thing at all, but with predictable differences.  (Physicists are so boring.  Let's make this be about FBI agents!  Neutrinos from a collapsing star caused this?  No - a global shadow conspiracy!)  The book is good, but verbose.

The Storytelling Animal explores one of my favorite subjects - just why do humans love stories so much?  Do we think in stories?  Do we construct our realities of make-believe?  And did we evolve this way?

And then I also read Fifty Shades of Grey. OK, I heard it was smutty.  But really, how did this get to be a best-seller?  And, um, why did I read the whole thing?  I actually had a long experience with romance novels as a teen, and this is just like another one of those cheap, quickly written pulp novels.  Except that this one is a bestseller.  Hmmm.

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