Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent begins


We've started Advent here, with the "stocking garland" that I put together a few years ago. The kids and I put four fair-trade chocolates in each stocking or mitten, so each family member gets one chocolate per day. There are only 12 stockings, so half-way through Advent I need to restock this. I haven't decided what to put in them yet for the end of the month. Toys? Candy canes? I'll figure it out.


We also have the Lego Star Wars advent calendar, and the kids have added to the whole display with some of their existing legos. It's an ongoing process combining Lego, Christmas, and Star Wars, and it's all fun. But Carbon's comment so far on the calendar (after only two days, mind you) is "It's always a huge disappointment".


Today Carbon made a wreath. I let him pick out some "bedazzly bits" at the craft store, and then when we got home I sent him out on the property with some clippers to gather greens.

The result:


And while he did that I made a gluten-free chocolate bundt cake. :)


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  1. I decided this year to give new pajamas on the 24th day. I always got to open one gift on Christmas Eve as a kid and my husband did not, so I'm sneaking in my tradition this way. lol