Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stories of Compassion

On Wednesday, as I was leaving my office at church, the minister stopped me in the hallway and asked if I felt like telling the story this Sunday. Having just come back from vacation, I was still catching up and couldn't even remember what the theme was for the coming Sunday.
When I asked him what he'd be talking about in the sermon, he said "oh, the war in the Congo".
Yeah - that didn't call out as a story topic for the children to me!
But on further probing, he would be talking about the woman who had been inspired, or called, to create Run for Congo Women after she learned of the war in the Congo on an episode of Oprah (incidentally, I saw that same episode a few years ago and have been a Women for Women sponsor ever since).
What story could I tell to go with that? Hmmm.
As I left the church and got into my car, what should be on the top of a canvas bag, sitting there waiting to go back to library? 14 Cows for America, the true story of how the Maasai people of Kenya were so moved when they learned of 9/11 that they gave 14 cows (a very important animal in the culture of the Maasai) to America. And that was my story for today.
When you hear of a need, answer it! Say yes to the call.

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  1. Hi there! Just wanted to share a link to a Teacher's Guide to 14 Cows for America. It is loaded with ideas for how to teach this wonderful book! ...and I don't just think so because I wrote the Teacher's Guide ;)