Tuesday, May 18, 2010



OK - Legoland was fantastic! The park is bigger than most of us expected, and much, much cooler.

We spent four days there, which felt about right to do everything. There are amusement park rides, but they are all pretty tame. My four year old could ride and enjoy everything, and did! There are also many lego sculptures, and a whole lego "Miniland" that have inspired Carbon with new ambitions for his lego building. When you are tired of walking around, there are building zones with the signature toy to play with as well as amazing playgrounds kids can just run free in.

The food in the park was a bit expensive, but the quality and variety were good, and we even found gluten-free accommodations (like gluten free hot dog buns at the hot dog stand!).

It's a great park for four to ten year olds, and we had the best time!

glamor girls

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  1. Oh, my boys would love to go there. They ask about it quite often, so I hope to make it happen in the next couple years. Being from Minnesota, it takes a little saving and planning for us. Glad you enjoyed it!