Thursday, October 29, 2009

handmade life

I don't have the time to have an all handmade life, but I love the idea. Tonight I used a washcloth that I knit for myself to wash quince that grew on the tree in our yard that we planted over Carbon's placenta 6 years ago. We had a great crop this year, and we got to try three different recipes for sauce and put up many jars. Tonight I made marmalade with them. A bit of peaceful, handmade life.

my latest knit washcloth


  1. Hello Sara.
    I came across your blog from a MathUSee post made on FB.
    I noticed this post and was curious to your use of the baby placenta.
    Am I correct in guessing that it was used for fertilizer?
    Sounds interesting.
    I would like to know more.

  2. Well, we just liked the idea of doing something to honor the placenta, and my husband's mom had planted his and his sister's placentas under trees. When I asked my mom what she had done with mine, she hadn't been able to keep it. She tried eating one of my brother's, but didn't recommend that. So, we decided the tree planted over it was the nicest idea, and we had the tree sitting at our house waiting for the baby to come, then dug a big hole and put the placenta down under the tree.