Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day - Global Warming

Today, bloggers all over the world are writing about one issue, to spread the word and raise awareness of global warming. If you want to participate, go here.

As the name implies, global warming is a global problem, and it is going to require that we all come together to solve this problem. There are personal habits we can change, but we also need political will to make a change.

The science is real. The problem is real. And it's actually not that hard to understand:

It's scary. It's a BIG problem, and it will affect our children and the entire future of our species and our planet. But this is no time for despair, this is a time for Action.

1. Change some of your habits, and lower your carbon footprint. Reduce the amount you use your car, reduce the amount of disposable stuff you use, reduce the amount of energy required to heat your home.

2. Support forests. Trees and forests offset some of our gases, and deforestation is part of the problem. Drink shade grown coffee, donate money and effort to places like the Nature Conservancy, tell your lawmakers you love forests, look at how and what you are eating to see if forest was cut down to make grazing land for your hamburger.

3. Support political efforts to make global political changes. This December the world leaders gather in Copenhagen to once again discuss a treaty on global warming. Let them know how you feel. Participate in a action on October 24th, to send a message that we want our leaders to cap CO2 levels at 350. You can find a local action here.

4. Blog about this today!

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