Saturday, October 17, 2009

ah, ebay

The arrival of a box of toys in the mail is delightful for the kids, and this month I have definitely indulged them.

Carbon was trading his bionicle parts at homeschool park days, but he didn't have enough pieces and I felt bad for him after an older boy traded him two launchers for an entire figure. Ebay seemed like a logical source to "bulk up" his bionicle collection, but I was unprepared for how much some people are willing to pay for these toys! After bidding on many lots, we finally got one. And to be fair, I also bid on a lot of groovy girl dolls for Hypatia. And then, since I was now hooked on ebay, I bid on a few lego sets and got a Harry Potter set.

At that point, I had to pull the plug on my computer. No More Ebay!

harry potter lego set

ebay lot of bionicles

ebay lot arrives

new groovy dolls


  1. Some of those Groovy Girls look very familiar. My daughter still has hers and uses them often when she babysits. So much nicer – softer, easier to handle – than a plastic Barbie.

  2. It goes the other way too. Nick has pulled some pretty awesome Yu-gi-oh cards and has sold them on e-bay for more than I would have immagined.

  3. I was sad when my daughter got too old for her Groovy Girls! They are so cool! She kept two: a mermaid and a Halloween witch. She sent the rest to her cousins, who absolutely love them!