Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday - a little nature table

Now that the church year has started, I've decided to do a short religious education post every Sunday.

nature table view 3

nature table view 2

nature table

I was inspired to set up a nature table for my Spirit Play classroom. A nature table is a Waldorf idea, to bring nature into the home/school and celebrate the turning of the seasons, and Spirit Play is a Montessori-based religious education method. But why not combine the ideas? My nature table has natural and spiritual elements, and I plan to change parts of it as the seasons change.

I had a little kids desk that my great grandfather had built, and I stuck a bulletin board on top of it, then tacked felt on that board. So now the kids can use it as a felt board and as a nature table, and as a bit of an altar as well.

Today was its first use by children, and they seemed to really like it. Now it's time to add some fall natural elements - leaves, pine cones, etc.


  1. That's a great melding of the two ideas!

    We have and love the rainbow arches and baskets of colorful silks too! My kids would be drawn to this center. Thanks for sharing!

  2. There are some extremely cool ideas for nature tables in the Magic Cabin catalog. I should bring it by on Sunday. I really like the little Waldorf-style fairies dressed up for each season.

    Anyway, I know Sylvia played in that area and really enjoyed it. I love the Waldorf-Montessori meld :)