Monday, September 29, 2014

The Fun Five: Five Fun Extras in Our Homeschool Last Week

Education is not all just math pages and history books.  There is learning that takes place off the page, out in the world, and sometimes spontaneously.  Play and Imagination, Nature and Friends, and Fun are all part of everyone's education, and here is what that has looked like in our homeschool recently:

1.  We went to see the salmon run and harvesting at a local river

Salmon jumping

2.  Chores on our little hobby farm always provide opportunities for real world learning


3.  The kids go to work with me at church, and sometimes they get to help with things like creating a Spirit Play story basket.

Making a Spirit Play Basket

4.  At a UU Middle School CON this weekend my son got to build and launch pop bottle rockets.

Bottle Rocket Dude 2

5.  At the same CON, there was also tie dye, board games, archery, challenge course, capture the flag, worship, social learning, boating, and beach combing.  Lots of fun learning for him!

Boating at Camp

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