Thursday, March 7, 2013

Living Your Dream


I've been driving up and down the dreaded I5 corridor to commute an hour each way to a conference this week, and it's put a few things into perspective for me.

  • I am so glad commuting is not a normal part of my life.  Driving across town, mostly on empty backroads, is so much nicer.  I will not complain anymore about how I'm not close enough to church to walk or ride my bike. 
  • Working long hours outside the home is tough on my family.  They've survived these three days, but I've got some catch-up to do now that I'm home.  
  • Although I LOVE my work and am inspired by the material I just encountered in the training, pulling into my own driveway I was glad to be home and reminded of all I want to do here.
  • I really really love being home.
As this ad on the back of my latest issue of Mother Earth News says:


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