Monday, March 18, 2013

Exploring By Myself

I had a late flight home on Saturday, after being in Chicago for a whole week for school.  What to do with myself?  I was torn between the Art Institute or the Field Museum, but a wise new friend recommended that since I was alone (no kids!) that I go for the Art.

What I was not counting on was that Saturday was the St. Patrick's Day parade in Chicago, and the Art Institute is right in the thick of it all!  It was kind of fun (but overwhelming as well - I'm not fond of such thick crowds) to see the crazy people and all their over-the-top revelry.


The Art Institute was stunning.  I'm very glad I took time to go in and commune with the art for a few hours - and yes, my kids would not have had patience or energy for it.  As much as I missed them, it was also a nice break to have that week away.

And now I'm home again and facing a ton of dirty laundry I need to do and piles of mail to sort!  Life goes forward. :)

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