Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Notes from my Urban Homestead


  • I got two pumpkins out of my garden this year - two very sweet little pumpkins. I also harvested one little tiny winter squash, a bunch of scarlet runner beans to dry, and potatoes and jerusalem artichokes. The garden is just about dead for the year.
  • I finally gave up on the concept of using groundcover plants as weed control in my flower beds. The moss is lovely, but most of the others I purchased are just scraggly looking as they spread. And they don't actually control grass and dandelions, both of which just grow up through them and then are very difficult to weed out without a lot of damage to the groundcover plant. With fall clean up, I've just pulled all those suckers out.
  • I spread mulch over my flower garden bed, in the place of the groundcovers.
  • I've planted my garlic for next year.
  • The jerusalem artichoke harvest was OK, but not as prolific as I had been led to expect it should be. But I planted them in the corner of my garden that ALWAYS fails - so the fact that I got anything at all is probably good.
  • In the indoor realm, I needed to salvage Hypatia's ballet leotard after it was stained. I had a mad impulse to just try dying the leotard in a kettle of beet soup I'd made that no one liked much and wouldn't eat as leftovers. Beets are a natural dye, right? I turned away from that mad impulse, however, and played it safe with a box of Ritz, which turned the leotard a very nice and consistent purple. Should I have tried it anyway?
  • We've been enjoying toasted pumpkin seeds from all our jack o'lanterns. My husband tried seasoning them with soy sauce, and got a result he and Carbon like a lot.
  • I planted lettuce and spinach seed in pots and put them out in my backporch greenhouse. They are sprouting - we'll see.
  • I've saved pumpkin seeds and beans for next spring's planting.

How is autumn treating you? Just about time to turn aside from the garden and focus on sewing!


  1. This is the first year I didn't mulch; I don't think I'll try it again. Weeds won the battle and my garden looked terrible by the end of the season. The flip side is that our vegetables produced beautifully in spite of their weedy neighbors. We're enjoying a nice harvest of butternut and spaghetti squashes right now.

  2. Tara! Oh no! It sounds like the weeds are just destined to win. :(