Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mornings ...

My alarm goes off at 6:30, but I like to push Snooze. It irritates my husband - sorry!

I stumble up, go to the bathroom and brush my hair. I stick a DVD in and do 15 minutes or so of yoga.

Now, start the coffee pot. Start packing lunches. Sometimes, start dinner in the slow cooker.

Usually about now my husband gets up and heads into the shower.

Give Carbon his first wake up call. He likes to push Snooze too, but his Snooze button is named Mom.

Keep working on lunches, and go get dressed.

Give Carbon his second wake up call, and ask what he wants for breakfast. Make breakfast.

Pick Hypatia up out of bed and carry her to the breakfast table. Serve breakfast.

They frequently mess about and eat very slowly, so I have to heckle them to eat and remind them to take their plates into the kitchen and go get dressed.

I pour a cup of coffee, sometimes I get some breakfast for myself. Not often enough - I need to eat breakfast more often.

My husband emerges, dressed, and gets some coffee. He will head out soon, kissing us all goodbye and taking the lunch I've packed for him.

I do morning chores: cats, dog, and chickens must all be cared for. Some dishes washed. Some laundry done.

I grab the bags that I hopefully remembered to pack the night before, and I check over that the kids have dressed in weather appropriate clothing. Almost every morning I have to argue with Hypatia to get her to dress warmly enough.

We put the dog in her yard, and load into the car. We're out the door by 8:20 at the latest.

Mornings are a lot of work. I'm getting good at it, but it's still a lot of work.

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  1. Wow! I'm just finishing up a freelancing job and at the end of such things I always feel grumbly and over-taxed. But reading this completely cured me of my mood. Took me right back to my days of when I worked outside the home. I don't do frenzied mornings gracefully.

    I am so impressed you do all of that in less than two hours and even find a little time for yoga!