Monday, August 10, 2009

Why I am writing this blog

This is a new blog, for a new focus in my life. I've been writing a blog focused on homeschooling for the last four years, but now I have a new focus in my life. I am the Director of Religious Education for a Unitarian Universalist church, and also still the homeschooling mom of two children. I am engaged in my own personal journey and spiritual practice, while also trying to support and facilitate the spiritual journeys of people of all ages.

My life has changed in the last year, and I am changing as well. It felt like it was time for my blog to change too. The new title is inspired by the book Curriculum of Love by Morgan Simone Daleo, but it is also a reflection of my own realization that the ultimate center of value for my life is love, and I want to live in a state of "radical loving kindness". The subtitle of the blog raises up the values that a wise minister recently listed to me as the core of my religious tradition. From Unitarianism I have freedom, reason, and tolerance, and from Universalism I have faith, hope, and love. That list is my goal as I work with children - a tall order to be sure.

If you read my other blog, The Learning Umbrella, I hope you'll switch over to this one. I still intend to post about children's books, my domestic life as an organic/simple/green momma, and homeschooling my kids. But I'll also be posting about my work as a religious educator and my own spiritual practice(s).


  1. Hey. You blog. All this time, even when I was reading Learning Umbrella, I didn't know that Sara who occasionally commented on my blog was Sara who also has a blog. So now I see.

    I've been leaning toward love, myself. And so I'm happy to find this blog of yours.

    And yes, most of our garlic is grown in China. Isn't that weird? What's much weirder, probably, is how normal it acutally is. Our food system is messed up! But I say that with love. ;)

  2. ~waves~ I'd follow you anywhere! I absolutely understand the need to change your blogging focus to match the evolving focus of your life, and I look forward to continuing to read your thoughtful posts.

  3. I too would follow you anywhere. I've been thinking about changing my blog but for different reasons.

    I listen to a wonderful short daily podcast, Your Miracle Thought of the Day by Marianne Williamson. I know some recoil from her but I find her message of living in the space of Love quite inspiring.

  4. Thank you! I'm glad to see you over here in my "new neighborhood".

  5. I'm very excited in your new focus. this is something I am trying to incorporate more in our daily lives and homeschool. Glad to journey along!